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usethepawn ♡ 59 ( +1 | -1 )
playing badly :( Does having the cold affect how well you play i have lost a few games recently all of which were big blows -15 points in rating and have 2 more which look no good one against eqj2 where i just completely stuffed up and another against 13apostal where i spose i thought i just gad it won coz he is so low there is also the possibility that he cheats but what should i do to get out of this slump someone help me please!!!
indiana-jay ♡ 45 ( +1 | -1 )
Oh, yes I believe so! Any kind of illness will affect how well you play. And so is jet lag, etc. When I'm in a good condition, I tend to play good in all of the games. When I'm in bad condition, I tend to loose all the games. I know that I should stop when I start to make mistake, but often that is the time I want to play ;) Even when the next day I'm in good shape, that will be too late anyway. A few bad moves ruin everything, right? :)
bucklehead ♡ 6 ( +1 | -1 )
Also...'s poor form to reference ongoing games so directly.
fabian ♡ 9 ( +1 | -1 )
well both games lost.. so you resign or fight a bit or play another game ?..
muppyman ♡ 82 ( +1 | -1 )
cold or no cold, There are many reasons for reaching a slump in our game. The thing that I hold on to in that situation is the sure knowledge that the royal game remains steadfastly the same kaleidoscopic wonderland that it has always been, so the only thing that can make any real difference to my apparent performance is the way I choose to feel about what happens. I don't think it has anything to do with whether a particular opponent might be playing well below his true rating, or someone cheating; if they are, so what? Thats their problem, I won't let it become mine. I simply return to my first love, the game, and then relax, enjoy, and explore again the beauty of both sides of the board. So, usethepawn, good fortune to you in future games, and watch attitude begin to make a difference. :)
gunnarsamuelsson ♡ 68 ( +1 | -1 )
I wouldnt take too much notice U know these corr games have little to do with playing a real game of chess.
Preparation means a lot, and a lot of players use programs and/or databases to help.
If uve played the most inspired game of your life youll probably end up losing cause a machine could prove ur inspirational play unsound somewhere along the line,,whereas in a otb match u would have turned heads and gotten applause.

Thats why ive stopped playing here, it lacks the stuff that I want from a game.
See the games here as a forum for deep study of the game, but dont take any notice of rating cause it has nothing to do with reality.
ccmcacollister ♡ 171 ( +1 | -1 )
Take Counter-measures ! I hope you can now breathe a sigh-of-relief in knowing, "YES!" having a headcold is SUPPOSED TO affect your Chess adversely; at least in This Galaxy. And it should Definately be mentioned in both the Post-Mortum and your personal notes to the game, especially if playing against Bobby Fischer since it is well known that He has Never played a healthy opponent anyway.
But if you are not content to succumb quietly you can get pro-active and take steps against the cliche'.
First to realize that while having a cold is detrimental, Being Cold is Not. Scientists have proven, or i heard it somewhere, that your brain functions best when the air temperature is between 42 and 48 degrees Fahrenheit; which fortuitously is ALSO a very good temperature for beer.
Furthermore, your thinking speed increases up to 15% while standing, compared to while sitting. So at the very least, one can then find blunders, attributable to the headcold, 15% faster thereby shortening the time of that game & thus leaving more energy for the next game, as well as providing more opportunity to tell others about your nefarious nose between rounds.
Remember that sneezing on your opponent while his clock runs is not sporting, but
never sneeze on the pieces when YOU are on-the-move or he may require you to
dephlem them before punching your clock.
One final strategy; you should definately play gambits and Go For His King! Why not, afterall since you will already have an ironclad justification if you lose, and all the more bravado will be attached to your name if you happen to win (since you never know, your opponent just May Have THE FLU !!)
Good-Skill to you!

honololou ♡ 47 ( +1 | -1 )
usethepawn… "…i just completely stuffed up and another against 13apostal where i spose i thought i just gad it
won coz he is so low there is also the possibility that he cheats…"

It is very bad manners to mention another player and then say that they may be cheating—even
if your statement was not meant to be taken seriously. Unless you have hard evidence (you
actually saw the player using a chess engine) you should refrain from dragging someone else's
name through the mud.
usethepawn ♡ 3 ( +1 | -1 )
Fair enough honololou... Sorry for mentioning his name.
spurtus ♡ 22 ( +1 | -1 )
I more than often play better, when I am ill.

If I have a hangover I virtually always win or at least draw at OTB. ( I have a hangover always on day 2 of any chess congresses I attend!)

Very strange, but true!


silurasglanis ♡ 76 ( +1 | -1 )
Performance Yes all sorts can effect your play, particularly the standard of your opponents, and your own psychology. Forget the rating of your opponent, in the current game they is as good as the moves they make.

I blundered badly and played superficially (ok even more so than I normally do) when I got back from Canada in early May and was jetlagged. Also domestic and work issues will impact your focus. Your standard of play will be an average, do not take your peak level during a period of a few months when life is calm and work is quiet etc as being your true on line strength, the things going on around us are part of this type of chess and we will obtain an average level.
lennerborn ♡ 51 ( +1 | -1 )
Spurtus On the subject of hangovers, i agree. I also play pool at a semi-high level, and I've played some of my best tourney games with a hangover. I think that the attitude of "oh what the hell i'll try, just hope I survive this day so I can go back to bed." actually helps you relax, without losing your basic skills. Weird but true.

A flu might be a different thing... possibly you could gain from it by sneezing all over the table everytime your opponent captures anything...