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myway316 ♡ 66 ( +1 | -1 )
In case any of you... ...haven't noticed,several longtime GK players are leaving,or have been banned from the site. Among them are myself,coyotefan,macheide,bluebabygirl,sly_lonewolf,and atrifix. Altho my primary reason for leaving is that I'm taking a break fom chess,I'm also leaving because I am deeply disturbed by the mounting censorship and "thin-skinnedness" Mike is showing. The last straw for me was his final comment when he closed the thread "Bluebabygirl banned",where he subtly announces/threatens more bannings. Granted,it is his site,and he has the right to run it as he sees fit,but he has no right to try and intimidate people who refuse to be muzzled. I REFUSE TO BE MUZZLED. So,it's adios,muchachos.
gameknot_com ♡ 73 ( +1 | -1 )
Please do get your facts straight before protesting something.

a) nobody from the list of players you have provides was banned from the site;

b) there's no "mounting censorship" in these forums, as closing message threads for new posts in the CHESS forum, if they have nothing to do with CHESS isn't censorship;

c) I didn't threaten anybody, it was just a friendly warning, I'm sorry if I sounded threatening;

d) contrary to what you claim, I have never intimidated anyone in my life;

You might also want to read my comments in the next message thread. If you still have any concerns or suggestions, please post them in the GameKnot related forum, where they belong. Thank you for understanding.